Design that issued the edge sense of the entire surface will be the feature. Become the recommended line for those who prefer the leather and mode of dress from day-to-day, you will design the eyes it was also a strong awareness of when a man not just the eyes of women to wear.

VELVET LOUNGE has designed a smooth flow that is not visible to the eye, such as techniques (scale cut) and water, air that has been used until now from brand establishment. It will be the most basic line in the 4S.
VELVET LOUNGE がブランド設立から現在に至るまで使用してきた技法(スケールカット)や水・空気といった目には見えない滑らかな流れをデザインしています。4Sの中で一番ベーシックなラインになります。

The eternal iconic SNAKE of love has been the motif. Beautiful curve will be the recommended line for those who are seeking a different design from the other people in the feature.
永遠の愛の象徴であるSNAKE をモチーフにしています。美しい曲線が特徴で他の人とは違うデザインを求めている方にお勧めのラインになります。